Squarespace and Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes


I’m a wordpress guy and probably will always be a wordpress guy. I’ve been using wordpress for a long time and I’m really familiar with it. At the moment it’s my favorite website building platform. I know I am bias, but I also think it’s one of the best platforms out there to build just about any type of web site. I say this because of the long history that wordpress has had, the robustness of the platform, the large community of developers and users, and especially the fact that so many other people are familiar with it. That really comes in handy with finding a new web master or finding an outsourced developer to do some work for you.

I came across square space about a year ago when I was looking at alternatives. Squarespace is basically a different web site building platform. It’s similar to Grid without the AI.  It’s also similar to wordpress in that you have a platform foundation and plugins to give you extra functionality. Where it differs from wordpress is that squares space has everything all packaged up for you. You choose the template, but all of the plugins are a set and decided for you.

WordPress on the other hand, has many options and alternatives with plugins. If you don’t like the way a slider or light box works, you have many other options to choose from or you can even make your own plug in. In square space, they make that decision for you and you’ve just got the one option. The advantage to that is you can be sure everything is designed to go together and should work well right out of the box. I guess you could think of it as apple vs. Windows. With apple you’ve got some set computer systems to choose from. There isn’t much customization you can do. And we all know with a windows machine, the world is your oyster. You can build your computer machine anyway you want. Like windows and mac, windows and wordpress are typically for more technical users, while mac and the squaresspace users don’t mind giving up some customization for ease of use.

ANYWAY, long rant aside, I stumbled back upon squarespace today and saw something pretty cool. Squarespace did a little fun thing with Jeff Bridges. If you’re not familiar with Jeff, he’s the big bald bad man in Ironman (Obadiah); at least that’s how I know him best. Here’s the cool thing: they had Jeff make a web site using squarespace. What is his site about? It’s about… well… Sleeping Tapes. Yup… sleeping tapes.

You can check out his site here: http://www.dreamingwithjeff.com/

Here’s the video that shows Jeff doing some on-the-field recordings to make his sleeping tapes:

I love this kind of stuff. I love how squarespace used some real out of the box thinking for this ad campaign. I think it really adds some personality to their branding. Although I’m still a big wordpress fan, I’ve got that much more respect for squarespace now.

On his web site you can also purchase is sleeping tracks, and all of the money goes to charity. I doubt the sleeping tapes actually help people sleep… I’m sure it’s more a gag thing than anything… but that’s pretty cool of squarespace to do something like that.

I don’t know if I’m up to making the jump to squarespace, but his website is definitely pretty sleak and fancy.

PS I’m not a big football fan, so I didn’t know about this… but apparently, they had Jeff on a Super Bowl commercial: