Design by Artificial Intelligence

I’ve always been interested in web design and have made my share of web sites. I haven’t made a whole lot of websites but I’ve made enough to be able to appreciate how time consuming and how much of a hassle it can be to fiddle around with CSS and HTML. Yes I’ve had those times where I’ve spent hours just trying to format an image properly or create responsive columns that work properly.

Finding a really great template or wordpress theme is great. But sometimes, as the goals or content focus of your website change, you may want to adjust or change the way your website presents your content. Of course, making the jump to change the way your website looks is always a huge hassle, which is often avoided probably even more often never done.

Earlier this month, a San Francisco startup announced the launch of a new project that could make pain of website design go away.

The Grid is creating a new web site platform which uses artificial intelligence to designing your web sites for you, and to do it on going as you continue to add more and more content to your web site. Check out the video below for a bit of a preview.

Yes the promises being made are pretty big promises. Whether they will pull it off or not successfully, is a big question. However, it’s a really exciting idea and I would love to see it happen.

The grid is headed by two guys that used to work at Google: Brian Axe and Leigh Taylor, which adds some more weight to their promises.

At the moment they are raising money through crowd funding with the hopes of raising $70,000 to start production. They’re expecting to be able to open doors to its first members in late spring of 2015. They’re planning to offer the service for $25 a month, but are offering its pre release supporters the chance to lock in a membership fee of $8 per month.

I was seriously considering signing myself up to be one of the founding members, but decided to wait a little bit. I’m not really sure what holding me back.  They say that their website was made by their artificial intelligence platform. I loaded their website on my phone as well as one of my friends phones, and their site didn’t quite work as expected. I guess I’m not quite fully a believer yet and I’m willing to risk paying an additional $13 a month later if it does turn out to be good, as opposed to paint for a year’s subscription upfront that a potentially may not end up using. But, I’m still hopeful, we’ll keep an eye on how things unfold, and we’ll be sure to sign up if deliver on their promises.